Live Your Dreams by Les Brown



Chapter one: “Reinvent Your Life You”

Have the power to make vital changes in your life. As Les Brown will show you, it just takes a commitment – a commitment to becoming the active force in your life, a commitment to becoming the kind of person you want to be.

Chapter two: “Say Yes to Your Dreams”

Your life can be exciting. You can live your dreams. You’ll see how to call on a larger vision. You’ll learn how to defeat the negative self-talk that is holding you back. You’ll find out how to go beyond your comfort zone. You have marvelous things to bring to this world.

Chapter three: “Powerful Goals”

Goals are like road maps – they give your life direction. Yet many of us just drift along, with no goals, no plan for life. Les Brown will show you the importance of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals – goals for greater income, better health, improved communication skills, and a more fulfilling personal life.

Chapter four: “A Commitment to Happiness”

Happiness is a matter of choice. You can choose to be happy or you can remain stuck in misery. You can choose your happier higher self or a negative lower self. Les Brown will give you a way to make the right choice. He’ll show you how to embrace happiness. You’ll learn that problems are simply challenges – and that challenges make life worth-while.

Chapter five: “The Right People”

You need the right people in your life. These people empower you and enrich you. They provide the feedback and concern you vitally need. You’ll discover how important it is to gather positive, mentoring people around you. At the same time, you’ll find the strength to get the toxic people out of your life. You can’t always do it yourself. You need the right people.

Chapter six: “Whatever It Takes”

Les Brown believes in taking life head-on. He’ll motivate you to pursue your goals wholeheartedly. He’ll show you how to become an indispensable person, someone whose standards are so high that success is inevitable. You’ll be inspired to practice, research and do everything else you need to fulfill your dreams. You can’t hold back.

Chapter seven: “Become a Powerful Person”

Are you the person you want to be? Do you respect yourself? Do others respect you? These are key questions. You need to tackle them head-on to find your greatness. Les Brown wants you to draw a line – a line that marks your character, your standards, your convictions.

Chapter eight: “Find a Cause”

There is more to life than simply enriching yourself. For true fulfillment, you also need to help others. You’ll find that giving to other people will truly make you a better person. You’ll learn how it empowers you and gives your life a new dimension. You’ll discover why a sense of “oughtness” is crucial. You’ll find that giving something back is a crucial part of your development.

Chapter nine: “The Courage to Confront Your Fears”

All of us have fears. If we don’t control them, they can dominate our lives. Les Brown will show you specific ways to overcome your fears. He’ll teach you to confront fear and visualize a way to defeat it. He’ll demonstrate how fear can energize you instead of immobilizing you.

Chapter ten: “Getting Unstuck: Overcoming Problems”

Les Brown wants you to dance with life, to take charge of your destiny. That means getting unstuck. You’ll learn to overcome that paralyzing word, “but”. You’ll find out how to stop blocking yourself from achieving your dreams. You’ll learn a strategy for seeing beyond your current situation and developing yourself into the successful person you deserve to be. You’ll realize why your attitude is the key to your future. You’ll discover the key to overcoming problems.

Chapter eleven: “You’ve Gotta Be Hungry”

“You Gotta Be Hungry” is one of Les Brown’s credos. It symbolizes a man who refuses to be defeated by life and its problems – a man who is hungry for success and fulfillment. You’ll see how this Les Brown story can be an inspiration to all of us. Conventional wisdom or so-called “logical thinking,” tells us that the Browns of the world have little chance of overcoming their handicaps and environment to succeed in this world.

Chapter twelve: “Put It All Together On”

This concluding side, Les Brown gives you one of the most inspirational messages you’ll ever receive. It’s a message of hope and optimism. It’s a powerful affirmation of all the greatness you can bring to the world.


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