Ways to Create an E-book in Uganda

Ways to Create an E-book in Uganda. There are various ways how you can create an eBook in Uganda and i will show you step by step how to create

Set Up a Flycatcher Page
Step 1: Set up a flycatcher page.
A flycatcher page is a website page where you ask your prospects and clients what they want the e-book to be about, what topics should be covered, what questions should be answered. They fill in their answers in the box provided, and when they click submit, you receive their questions in your email inbox.

Step 2: Research and write down the answers to those questions. For example, if you get 9 major questions, you then create 9 chapters in your e-book, and you answer each question in a chapter. There you go, your e-book is ready!
Some entrepreneurs go to Elance.com, ContentDivas.com, vWorker.com, or Guru.com and hire someone to write the e-book for them.

Interview Experts, Record the Interviews, and Transcribe them for you. My favorite product creation strategy involves interviewing experts. You don’t need to be an expert yourself. You can create products by simply being a reporter.

Decide what product you want to create, and then research experts in your niche to interview. You can find experts to interview, by going to:
Amazon.com (authors of books).
ClickBank.com (authors of e-books).
Ezinearticles.com (authors of articles).
Technorati.com (bloggers).
RTIR.com (radio and television interview report; it is a database of authors and experts that want to be interviewed).
Facebook fan pages.

Set Up a Teleseminar, Record it, and Transcribe it You can, of course, set up a flycatcher page, find out the top 10 questions that your prospects are interested in, and run a teleseminar through FreeConferenceCall.com, for example. A teleseminar is like a conference call, where hundreds of people from around the world can dial in to listen to what you are saying.

During the teleseminar, you answer participants’ questions one by one. You record your teleseminar and then download it as an MP3 file. Then get your recording transcribed (iDictate.com, or Elance.com), and voilà! You have an e-book ready to sell. If you print the e-book and you burn the MP3 onto a CD, you
have a CD home study course package ready.

You could also combine strategies and invite a few experts onto your teleseminar and have them answer the questions for your prospects. You could pay them a fee for their time say, $100 for 60 minutes or
offer to give them the product to sell, as well!.

Create an MP3 or Audio Course. Once you have a list of 8 to 12 questions or topics that your prospects are interested in, you could, of course, just record the answers and create MP3 files or an audio course or audio book this way.

I use the free software Audacity to do this. You can download it at no charge at http://audacity.sourceforge.net. You plug in your headset, open up Audacity on your laptop, and then press “record.” Then you simply say or read out loud the answers to each question. When you’re done, you click on “stop,” and then click on “file,” and “export as MP3.” There you go. You’ve just saved that MP3 onto your desktop.

You can sell that MP3 file as a product, you can have it transcribed and turned into an e-book, or you can burn it onto a CD and ship it to your buyers.

The average typist will type about 50 words per minute. The average person speaks at about 160 words per minute. So the fastest way to write is: dictate!

Make a list of 10 chapter titles (your prospects’ top 10 questions.) Then make a short, bulleted list (maybe just a word or two) under each title. Now, record yourself simply expanding on the ideas in your simple outline. Just explain it as if you were talking to a friend or colleague. If you dictate for six
hours on one day, you will dictate over 57,000 words in a single day.

Set Up a Webinar, Invite Two to Three Experts, Record it, and Transcribe it Same as the strategy above, but you answer the questions on a webinar. A webinar is an online seminar, usually 60 or 90 minutes long, where attendees from all around the world get to see your computer screen and hear your
voice at the same time. You will need an account with GoToWebinar.com ($99 a month) to do this (for more information.

Just as in the previous strategy, you can record your webinar and then download it as an MP4 video file. You can get your recording transcribed (iDictate.com or Elance.com), and you’ve got yourself an e-book! If you print the e-book and you burn the MP4 onto a DVD, you have a DVD home study course package ready. (Check out www.kunaki.com for CD and DVD duplication and fulfillment.) Of course, you could just record the webinar and sell the MP4 file as a product.

Create or License Software Applications. What if I told you that you can create as many software tools as you want, for very little money. Would you be interested? I got a suite of software applications created by going to www.vWorker.com and hiring programmers to design software for us. I was astonished! They could create software products for as little as $500 to
$1,500 per product.

Create Screen Capture Videos. One of my favorite product-creation strategies involves using Camtasia software ($400, www.techsmith.com) to create screen capture videos. You just need your laptop, a headset, and your screen capture software.

Screen capture software such as Camtasia, or the free software tools such Cam studio (www.camstudio.org), allow you to record your computer screen while also recording your voice. You then produce that recording as an AVI or MP4 video file, for example. This allows you to create a product in as little as a day, simply by filming your screen while describing what you are doing on your computer.

Film a Seminar. Now, this is my personal all-time favorite strategy for creating an information product, but it takes a lot of time and money. I organize a seminar, I invite experts to speak, I get the seminar filmed, and then we produce the DVDs of the event. The whole process can cost over $40,000, but typically, the sales made at the event cover these costs.

The best part? I do it once, and then I can sell the DVDs and the licenses forever. Recently I organized a seminar about Facebook marketing, and I had 16 experts on the topic come and speak, including many of my students who were now making a full-time living thanks to Facebook.

We filmed the event, created the DVDs, and I also created a 110-page e-book containing the strategies these experts shared from the stage. I launched the e-book on ClickBank.com, and we did $380,000 in sales.