Using Fiverr for Music/ Freelance Writing/ Designing

By now, Using Fiverr for Music/ Freelance Writing/ Designing, you must have understood the basics of Fiverr, getting started with it, and also how you can promote yourself. Now, let us look at top gigs that will help you earn a good sum of money on a monthly basis.

Writing. Freelance writing is quite popular on Fiverr. Here are some gigs that you can try out.

Article writing. Article writing refers to writing 100 to 500 worded articles for your client. They will give you the topic and might also give you a few keywords that you should incorporate into the article. You can mention the topics that you are good at so that the client will find it easy to hire you. Most of these services are charged between $5 and $10.

Content writing. Content writing is the next option that you can choose. Content writing is slightly different from article writing and you will have to have diverse knowledge on a specific subject. That will help you fill in content and write informative stuff.

These are generally commissioned by people trying to fill their websites. You can mention your topic of expertise. Content writing is priced according to the quality of the service and also based on the turnover time. Depending on the time that you take to complete orders, you can take up as many of these projects as possible.

EBooks. EBooks are the next type of writing project that you can advertise on Fiverr. EBooks are electronic books that people can download from the web and read. If you are good at a particular topic, then you can mention it and make it easier for your clients to find you. EBooks can vary in length and the topics can differ in terms of difficulty level. You can charge them accordingly.

Editing/ proofreading. Apart from writing the content, you can also edit or proofread it. Editing refers to correcting any formatting mistakes in the book and proofreading calls for reading it to find any grammatical or spelling errors.

If you are good at both, then you can offer both of these services. Some clients might ask you to add pictures to the content or provide a cover page etc. You can charge for all these services individually. Proofreading is quite popular on Fiverr and you can charge from $5 onwards.

Videos. The next popular category involves making use of videos. This is probably easier than the previous option and all you have to do is tap into your creative side. Here are some services that you can offer to clients.

Video introductions. Video introductions are quite popular these days. These refer to introductions that you create for your client or any other video that they will ask you to make. Some might ask for specific videos and give you specific instructions.

Some might give you the freedom to create something based on your understanding of the client. Videos are generally charged between $5 and $50 depending on the amount of work and animation that goes into making them. You can charge higher if you think your creations are really creative and unique.

Video greetings

Video greetings are all the rage these days. Right from wishing on Christmas to birthdays and New Year, people prefer to send video greetings. It is all the more important to customize these and include specific messages in each. You can create these video greetings for your clients. You can use a few standard templates and ask your client to choose one. Right now, most top sellers are selling these for $5.

Video ads. Video ads are also an option. You can create ads for products by studying them. It will especially be easy for you if you already use the products. Your client might also ask you to add a product description video or a demonstration video. These ads are also charged between $5 and $50 depending on the amount of work that goes into them.

Hold your sign. Hold your sign is now gaining popularity. You can offer to hold a sign with a personal message written on it. The client will provide you with the message and you can write it on a piece of cardboard or some other piece of paper and hold it. Most people choose funny videos where you dance around or do something silly with the board. These range between $5 and $25.

Editing/ photoshopping. You can also offer to edit videos or Photoshop them. The clients will submit the videos to you and you can edit them as per the instructions. If you are good at fixing videos or adding details, then you can offer the services for more than $5.

Music/ sound. You can also make use of music and sound to start your Fiverr business. This is great for both budding musicians and those that wish to pursue their passion for music. Here are some options for you to choose from.

Jingles and drops. Jingles are a big thing these days and many people get them done. Jingles are small compositions that people might need for their websites, apps, etc. The client will specify the words that should be used in the jingle.

You should have a few templates and samples ready to show to the client. These are usually charged between $5 and $25 and will depend on the length and the quality of the composition. Some people prefer to tape the jingles in studios to make it sound professional. Some also set up the camera in front of them while composing the jingle.

Songs. You need not always create short jingles and can also record entire songs if you are good at singing. It is also a choice to simply compose the music for someone. They will have full rights over it and can add a song to it. You should mention the instruments that you are good with to make it easier for them to pick you. These are charged at $5 and over.

Voice-overs. Voice-overs are the next option that you have. Voice-overs refer to saying something in a unique voice or in a specified voice. The voice can belong to a celebrity or someone famous. The client will ask you to say something in your unique voice. Some of the trending voices these days are that of the queen of England and also some singers. You can easily record the words in the specified voice and might only take you a couple of hours. These are now charged at $5.

Designing. If you are good at designing or drawing, then there is ample scope for your skills on Fiverr. Here are some things that you can do with your skill.

Logos. Creating unique and interesting logos is all the rage these days. Right from startups to old companies, everybody is looking for a unique logo that will help people identify their brand. If you are good with designing logos, then you can start providing the service on Fiverr. You can ask your clients to choose from specific templates or color schemes and create logos. These logos need not always only be 2D and can also be 3D. These are generally charged $5 per logo depending on the design and time taken to create.

Cartoons. It is a great idea to create cartoons for clients if you are good at drawing. The client will give you the subject and all you have to do is create a cartoon. Some might ask you to simply fill in the color or some such special request. You can create both 2D and 3d cartoons depending on your skill and the software that you possess. The former is generally charged lesser as compared to the latter. Most of these start at $5 and can go up to $100 depending on the quality of the animation and the length of the cartoons.

Caricatures. Caricatures are extremely popular these days. People like turning themselves into cartoons and sharing them with their friends and family. If you are good at freehand sketching or have created software that helps turn people’s faces into caricatures, then you can advertise it on Fiverr. It is now being charged between $5 and $15 for a single caricature and $20 for two or more people. You need not always do caricatures alone and can also choose regular paintings or portraits.

Merchandise You can offer to create custom merchandise designs for your clients. As you know, most companies like to have their label on mugs; caps, T-shirts, etc. and they will look for artists to do it for them. You can offer such services on Fiverr and create unique designs for your clients. Having a few templates to show will help them choose a design or an idea for the design.

E-book Covers. The business of self-publishing is growing rapidly. So what better way to make money than by offering a gig in which you create their covers? Tap into your creativity and design an eye-catching cover!

There are many ways to include extras such as purchasing a premium image for them, designing the cover for a paperback version of the book and so much more. Just explore current Fiverr gigs for creating covers to get an idea of the kind of covers buyers are looking for!

Note that these are just some of the options available on Fiverr and are not limited to just these. You can look up some other options as well and exploit them.