Tips to increase affiliate Sales

Tips to increase affiliate Sales. Since there are already many people getting into affiliate marketing, it is no wonder that the competition is getting stiff. The challenge is to try and outdo other affiliates and think of ways to attain this.

There are also many tips and techniques being taught to these affiliates to best plan their program to achieve more earnings.

What better way to wow your prospects and customers than to record and publish top-notch, full-motion, and streaming screen-captured videos? It is nothing like feeling your hard work getting paid by having your customers jump up excitedly in great anticipation to buy your product right there and then.

It is Camtasia in action. It is a proven fact; giving your customers something they can see can explode your online sales instantly.

You do not need to have training and education to know how this system can work for your affiliate program. Anyone can create stunning videos from multimedia tutorials and step-by-step presentations available online. The process is like having your customers seated next to you and looking at your desktop as you show them the things they need to see and hear—all this done step by step.

For those who do not know it yet, how does Camtasia work?

It can record your desktop activity with a single click. Because it captures real-time, then there is no need to save and compile all your files.

You can easily convert your videos into web pages. Once converted, you can have your customers visit that specific page. Videos are easier to understand and take in, unlike reading texts which frequently is a trying thing to do.

Upload your pages and publish them through blogs, RSS feed, and podcasts. You may want your Camtasia videos to get around and reach out to other people that may be potential customers in the future—nothing like being visible on many sites and pages to advertise yourself and get your message through.

There are other things you can do with your affiliate program using Camtasia. You can:

Create stunning multimedia presentations that are proven to increase sales because all the senses are engaged. It also tends to reduce skepticism among hard-to-please customers.

Reduce refunds and other customer issues by demonstrating how to use your product and how to do it properly. It will minimize complaints since all the facts and presentations are there for the customers to see and hear.

Promote affiliate products and services using visual presentations. It is an effective way of redirecting your viewers straight to your affiliate website after finishing the video. Make the most of the demonstration by putting your site location in the end and making them go there directly if they want additional information.

Multiple your online auction bids exponentially when you give your readers a feel of what you have to offer. Based on reports, auctions that include pictures increase the bidding percentage by 400%.  Imagine how much higher it will be if it were videos.

Publish valuable info products that you can sell for a much higher price. It will be all worth the price because of the full-colored graphics menu and templates you will use.

Minimize miscommunication with your customers. Instantly showing them what you want they wanted in the first place is making them understand your affiliate program’s essence. The good thing about multimedia is, nothing much can go wrong. It is there already.

These are just some of the things you can do with Camtasia to help your chosen affiliate program.

Try to focus on the goal you have set for yourself and achieve that using the things that may increase your earnings.

If you are looking for other tools besides Camtasia, here are the top eight (8)  Camtasia alternatives :

  • Filmora X
  • ScreenFlow
  • DemoCreator
  • Movavi Video Suite
  • Create
  • ActivePresenter
  • Free Cam
  • Screencast-O-Matic

You may check its respective websites to know more about the details.

Top affiliate marketing Platform to start building business

An affiliate marketer can start looking for products to sell on many affiliate marketplaces. An affiliate marketplace is a platform that acts as an intermediary between sellers or merchants and publishers or affiliates. In short, this is where you will find products and services that you can sell.

It is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the top Affiliate Marketing companies that you can start with:

ShareASale. ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate networks out there. Whereas Amazon Associates is focused entirely on Amazon products, ShareASale houses affiliate programs for 4,500+ merchants, both big and small. From one spot – the ShareASale dashboard – you can sign up to all these merchants, generate links, and view your statistics.

Awin. A shorter rebrand of the original Affiliate Window is another popular affiliate network that gives you access to over 13,000 different merchants. It acquired ShareASale back in 2017, though the two are still run as separate entities and have various merchants. With 13,000+ merchants, you’ll find many options for both physical and digital products at Awin.

Amazon Associates. If you want to promote physical products on your website, Amazon Associates is a good option. With Amazon Associates, you can earn a commission on pretty much anything sold on its platform.

CJ Affiliates. Formerly known by the lengthier name of Commission Junction is another affiliate network that brings together thousands of different merchants under one roof (a lot like ShareASale). It is one of the most extensive affiliate networks out there, which means that you’ll be able to connect with thousands of both big and small merchants. Currently, the exact number is 2,696 different merchants.

Rakuten Marketing. Known before as LinkShare is a popular affiliate network that includes a lot of big merchants. They also have some smaller merchants, though their network isn’t as extensive as ShareASale, CJ, or Awin.

Avangate Affiliate Network. Avangate is an affiliate network that’s focused on digital goods and software rather than physical products. In total, Avangate Affiliate Network gives you access to 22,000+ pieces of software, so if your site promotes a lot of digital products, you’ll want to join this one.

ClickBank. Like Avangate, ClickBank is another affiliate network with many digital products, though it also offers physical products. Whereas platforms like ShareASale and Awin have many big, nationally known merchants, ClickBank is more on the “smaller” end of merchants. For example, you’ll find many merchants selling e-books, online courses, or membership sites. These merchants might not have the name recognition of a national or international brand, but they can be great offers if they fit your niche.

FlexOffers. A long-standing, popular affiliate platform that gets you access to 12,000+ different advertisers/ merchants. It adds 50+ new merchants per day, so you can always find the latest offers and has lots of requests from both small brands and big brands, including well-known names like, Macy’s, Skechers, Lenovo, and more. You can browse a complete directory of all the merchants before signing up if you want to see what’s available.

Peerfly. Peerfly is a rapidly growing affiliate network that gets you access to 3,300+ merchants. The selection isn’t as extensive as something like Awin or FlexOffers, but 3,000+ merchants mean that you can still probably find something that fits your needs. It has both smaller merchants – like Loot Crate – and big names like Target, Uber, Agoda, and more.

eBay Partner Network.   As the name suggests, eBay Partner Network is eBay’s affiliate network. With it, you can earn a commission for promoting eBay listings. Yes – anything eBay lists, which will give you access to a vast selection.

Another tip, you can go to your favorite products and service providers’ websites and look for the link for affiliates. If they are offering one, you indeed can join after registering on their platform.