Pricing, Schemes, and Customer Reviews

In the previous chapter, Pricing, Schemes, and Customer Reviews. we looked at how you can make use of social media to spread the word about your gigs. In this one, we will look at pricing strategies and also how you can deal with bad customer reviews.

Pricing it right. Pricing gigs is one of the most important aspects of Fiverr. It is important for you to choose the right price for the services. As you know, you can choose either $5 or more for your services. The $5 tag is for all those services that are quite easy to perform and might take less than an hour to finish. Say for example writing 200 words for someone.

But if you provide time-consuming services such as creating instructional videos, then you must charge accordingly. Generally, the best way to decide on the price is by looking at what others are charging. You can assess whether you are over or under-pricing for your services. As you know, you can choose from the different packages that are provided on the site. You have to slowly increase your rates depending on the reviews and the work quality that you provide.

Special offers. You should indulge in some lucrative strategies in order to get more and more customers to buy from you. As you know, everybody loves discounts and freebies. You too should make use of these schemes to attract your clients and keep them happy. Some of these schemes include giving away a special discount like 10% off if the client orders your service in bulk.

You can also give away free service if they cross a certain limit like 15 or 20. Another good idea is to give away some personalized merchandise as a gift for being a regular customer. You can also tie up with another Fiverr and come up with buy my service and get a discount on their type of scheme. You can be as creative as you like with your special offers and attract a diverse group of clients.

Why ratings/ reviews matter When it comes to the ratings and reviews that clients leave behind, you have to try and have as many good ones as possible. Your future clients will take these reviews and ratings very seriously and choose you only if they think you are worth their money.

As you know, you cannot expect to always come across great clients that will leave behind great reviews. It is tough to have a consistent winning streak and you should be ready for a few bad clients/ reviews as well.

A good seller will know what to expect well in advance and can continue to work accordingly. When another client is looking for you, your ratings and reviews will show up as the first thing under your picture. So, it is important to make a good impression, and if not first, then at least remain in the top 5 results.

Changing review. As was mentioned earlier, it is not possible for you to always get good reviews all the time. You will also get some bad reviews that can bring down your worth. This can be a bad thing and might crush your confidence. So, it is important to try and eliminate a bad review. One way of doing it is by speaking with the client and asking him or her to edit the review.

Sometimes, speaking with them and telling them how it will impact your business might make them change their mind. You can send them a message about the review and ask them to change the review or rating for you. But remember to get it done as soon as possible as you might not have too much time to get it removed or changed.

You will see the option on your orders page at the very bottom. Reviews are a very important thing not only on Fiverr, but any kind of website that offers services. They are a good indication of what to expect when ordering these services and it greatly benefits the consumers. However, the service providers like yourself can greatly benefit from the reviews as well.

These reviews will accurately tell you what is working and what is not working. Take the time to read the negative reviews and review the quality of work you are providing. Was the review accurate?

Did you do something wrong? Take the input and learn from it. Many of the top gigs on Fiverr offer top-notch customer service and will correct their work until the customer is completely satisfied. Add value to the customers, and you will be rewarded and will be on your way to getting a top-rated seller badge!

Cancelling an order. Many times, you and a buyer might hit it off well and everything might go according to plan. However, a problem might arise later and you might want to discontinue the project. In such a case, you and your buyer can opt for a mutual cancellation.

That way, you won’t have to cancel the order yourself. However, if your client is being difficult and not agreeing to mutually cancel then you have the option to cancel it yourself. This is a unique feature of Fiverr where the seller is given the option to cancel which is better known as force cancelling.

This will, however, impact your rating but you can successfully stop the client from giving you a bad review. After all, you have to do everything in your power to keep your account as clean as possible and away from negative reviews. Sometimes it is worth cancelling the order as opposed to having an extremely negative review displayed for your gig.

Rivals. There are many cases of rivals trying to ruin your game. There might be some people who will claim to be clients but will actually be your rivals. They might purchase your service and give you a bad rating on purpose. In fact, they might not take the submission at all and leave behind a bad rating. It is important for you to find out if that really is the case. You must look at the client’s profile and see what he or she is up to. If you find out that they provide the same service as you, then you should take action against them.

Customer support. The best way to bring them to justice is by telling customer support about it. You should show them the review and rating that the rival has left behind. You should also tell them that the person is purposely trying to sabotage you. They will look into the matter and help resolve it. It might take a week or so but it will be well worth the effort.

These form the different pricing and customer review aspects of Fiverr.