Mistakes to Avoid On Fiverr

Mistakes to Avoid On Fiverr

Mistakes to Avoid On Fiverr. Important tips Safety. When it comes to making it big on Fiverr, there are some mistakes that you have to avoid. In this chapter, we will look at some of these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Always avoid bad reviews

Bad reviews are the most dreaded aspect of Fiverr. Getting a bad review will definitely affect your confidence and also make you wonder about the repercussions. Therefore, you have to try and avoid getting a bad review as much as possible. If it is in your power, you should cancel the order if you think a bad review is on its way. We looked at this very aspect in detail earlier in the book and you should follow it keenly to help your Fiverr business take shape.

Going outside Fiverr

There will be some clients that will ask you if they can pay you outside Fiverr. That is a risky proposition, as you might not know whether the person will pay you after the job is done. It is best that you get the client to pay you through Fiverr itself. If something goes wrong and despite submitting the work the client does not pay you, then Fiverr will step in and help you out. Even if you think that the person is honest, you will be taking a big risk by agreeing to get paid outside of Fiverr.

No diversity

Diversity is extremely important when it comes to showcasing your work and talent. Do not keep everything boring and typical. You have to surprise your clients in order to get them to notice you. You should incorporate the latest trends as well so that you will be up to date with all your styles and trends.

Avoid making Poor gigs

It is important for you to set up an impressive gig on Fiverr if you wish to find good work. The gig should be such that it immediately catches your client’s fancy. Your gig should be a true representation of your work and contain a selection of the best works.

Remember that your clients will form an opinion about your work based on what they see first. So, you should put up the best work for them to see. There is debate over what your best work really is. Some put up work that they think is impressive while others put up the ones that have garnered rave reviews from their clients. That choice is yours to make but in general, the latter is a good choice, as your clients will prefer to see the work that others have liked in the past.

Old work

You should try to advertise your latest work in order for people to see it. There are some people that prefer to hold on to old work as they think it is their best. But you have to try and update your work from time to time and put up the latest work. If you think your old work is good, then you can use only the best one and also add samples of your other newest work.

Stop Overdoing it

Sometimes, it is better to remain a little subtle instead of going all out and overdoing your gig. Don’t do too much as that will only distract your client. They won’t know what to look at and decide to reconsider. Keep it simple yet informative. Don’t add in too much description and try to get straight to the point. You have to edit your samples a little to make them look like figments of your actual work. Do not make the mistake of mentioning things you don’t want the client to know about. It is always best to not mention things that you think will anyway go unnoticed, especially if it is just a small detail.

Pricing high

Some people turn overconfident as soon as they land their first project and start over-pricing their services. That is the wrong way to go about it. You have to slowly and gradually increase your price. Even if you have now undervalued your services, you cannot rush to correct them.

Wait for a month or two and then increase your pricing. You have to go slow and not be in a hurry to make thousands of dollars. You will know when to raise the stakes based on the reviews that you get and also how your competitors are pricing their services. You should be in it for the long term.

Hidden costs

One important thing to consider is hidden costs. Your clients will not like it if you charge them extra after the work is submitted. Many people on Fiverr have the practice of hiding a few costs, which they will only mention once the job is done.

Your client might pay it without putting up a fight but might not return to you for service again. Remember that 1 old customer is as good as 10 new ones and so; you have to try to hold on to your old customers as much as possible. Remain as transparent about all the costs as possible and mention them explicitly.

Learn from others

Some people look at other people’s work and end up emulating it. That will only cause you to produce clones of other people’s work. In this day and age where everybody wants something unique, it would be a mistake to copy others. Your work should be unique and must stand out from the rest. You can go through some of what others have put up and then create your content. If you really like what someone else has done, then maybe you can use it as inspiration but not entirely copy it.

Not spreading the word

No work will be good enough to do its own marketing. Even if you are a top-class skills man, you have to spread the word about it in order for people to know. You have to put in the effort to get word of your gigs out there and let people know what you are up to. You have to make use of your social media presence for the same and keep sharing videos and photos of your work. At the least, you can incorporate the links of your gigs on Fiverr. Tell as many people as possible in order to attract maximum customers.

Don’t expect too much / High hopes

It is not a bad thing to dream big. You will feel quite confident if you have a good business. But expecting to see overnight results is not the way to go about it. You have to set goals for yourself and then go after them.

If you have unreasonable expectations, then you are sure to pressurize yourself and be disappointed in the end. So, it is best to write down a few reasonable goals and start ticking them off as soon as they are attained. It will seem a little daunting at the very beginning no doubt but as and when your business starts to roll, you will start settling in with it and your goals will start getting ticked off.

These form the different Fiverr mistakes that you have to avoid in order to set up a stellar business.