Brand promotion

Brand promotion. Creating your own brand is essential for a number of reasons. If you want to become a top seller on Amazon, you have to create your own brand identity. Your product needs to have a unique identity, which the customers can relate to.

This, combined with quality services, will inspire loyalty among your customers, and they’ll keep coming back to buy from you. You should distinguish your product from others in the market by making small changes to it and customizing it. This also helps you get more orders and advance to become a top seller.

How you choose to brand your product depends a lot on what kind of product you are selling. For some products, it may be as easy as sticking a label on the product. For others, you might have to make more effort, like getting a logo etched on the product during the manufacturing process itself. You can create a unique box for some. It’s also an easy way to differentiate your product. There are many other ways to do it. You just have to get creative and use it to your advantage.

Create a custom package for your product, maybe. If others sell in packs of 100 ounces, you could sell in packs of 150 ounces. People might just like it.

You can also add a hand-made card to your product package. This helps in emotional bonding with the customer because of a personal touch and a sense of uniqueness.

When it comes to promotion, you can do a lot of things. Start a blog or a website for the product and divert traffic to the Amazon site. You can even embed an e-store on your website, so you can directly sell from there. You can also make people sign up for your newsletter. If it’s interesting, people will leave you their email addresses, which you can use for promotional purposes.

Here are some things to get you in the right mindset for promotion:

  • Branding is not an unnecessary cost. It’s an investment that helps you sell more.
  • When starting out, avoid spending large amounts on promotion.
  • When deciding on a brand name and a logo, consider what your customers like, not what you like. Do solid research to come up with the right name and logo.
  • Make sure your logo looks polished and professionally designed. Amateurish logos send the wrong signals.
  • If all your products cater to the same audience, keep them under the same brand. If they belong to different niches, it’s better to brand them differently.

If you want to create a serious business, branding is very important for you. You will only notice its impact in the long term. It’s okay to not brand all of your products in the beginning. Do it with one product and once you’re making consistent profits, brand other products, too.

Once there’s a name for your brand in the market, you should start promoting it, given you have enough profits. Start advertising your product by using PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and other techniques. Today, there are a lot of ways to advertise.

You should also consider services like “Amazon Product Ads”. Amazon will create custom ads for you and target the right customers. You’ll be charged on a PPC basis, just like other services. Google Adwords is also a great PPC service.

“Amazon Webstore Service” is a quick way to create a professional-looking website for your products. It’s linked to your Seller Central account, so you can get full integration with all the services and tools you use on Amazon.