Becoming a top Seller on fiver in Uganda

Becoming a top Seller on fiver in Uganda, There are too many sellers in the market for almost any product. Getting customers’ attention is hard because of the competition. So how do you get an edge?

For this, you have to understand Amazon’s “buy box” algorithm first. This algorithm decides which seller gets the first right to sell if a customer directly clicks on “Add to card” after searching for a product. The seller who wins the buy box is called the top seller. The customers can choose to look for other sellers, but in most cases, they don’t. They simply buy from the default seller.

Some sellers may be near the customer, and some may be selling more customized items. Others could be offering lower prices or shipping costs, and yet others may be providing unique value-added services. Most buyers, however, don’t bother looking for different sellers. So the “buy box” seller automatically sells the most.

Creating a brand identity gives you the golden opportunity to win the “buy box”. You have to invest more in marketing, but it’s very beneficial in the long run. Winning the buy box gives your sales a huge boost, so always go for custom branding when you can.

Here are some tips to become a top seller on Amazon.

Quality products

Always sell high-quality products. It’s the best way to get a good rating for your product. Selling cheap knock-offs will never make you a top product, even if you profit in the short run. Satisfy your customer with great products and they’ll give you good reviews. It will build your reputation.

Timely shipping

Once you receive an order, ship the product at the earliest. Customers loathe late deliveries; so if you want them to return, don’t give them a sour experience. Always ship on time.

Fair prices

Don’t mark up your products too high. You may make big profits at first, but your sales volume will suffer. To become a top seller, cut your profit margins a bit because low prices attract customers.

Customer satisfaction

Getting good customer reviews requires effort to keep customers happy. As a seller, it’s important for you to maintain a good product rating, because even a single negative review will impact your sales greatly in the beginning. Always deal with your customers in a calm and pleasant manner, and use an email auto-responder to shoot quick first responses to customer emails.

High-quality photos

Always use high-quality photos for your products and make sure you capture them from a variety of angles. The customers need to get a good feel for it before they buy it. If you can’t get professionally clicked photos for your product, hire a photographer yourself and get them clicked.

Product descriptions

As we have already discussed, writing compelling product descriptions is very important. It gives your potential customers a push and converts them into actual customers. Write detailed descriptions for your products and make them customer-oriented.

Dealing with complaints

The customers at Amazon don’t hesitate to file a complaint if they are unsatisfied with their experience, and Amazon is the king of customer service. So make sure you deal with all your customer complaints in a reasonable and speedy manner. Amazon always looks at the situation without any bias, so you should be clear. Always satisfy your customers and your ratings will stay high.

Everything you do is just a means to an end here, the end being positive customer reviews. That’s the biggest factor in determining your seller rank. You might hear about people using gray-market techniques like paid reviews. I would like to strongly advise you against it. If caught, your Amazon account may be terminated and the business you built with so much hard work will collapse in seconds. Honesty on your part is of utmost importance.

Sometimes, it will be impossible to become a top seller, and that’s okay. It just means that your niche is too competitive and you need to switch to a less competitive one to become a top seller.