Basics to Understanding Fiver in Uganda

Fiverr is a website that advertises itself as the world’s largest marketplace for services. Basics to Understanding Fiver in Uganda. The Fiverr website is a place where you advertise your services and find clients who will employ you.

Starting in 2010, Fiverr started off as a small website that hosted only a few buyers and sellers. However, it grew in popularity within a short period of time and within the next 2 years, Fiverr hosted 1.3 million users. It is said to have grown over 600% in business within 3 years of starting up.

Fiver is an online marketplace where both buyers and sellers converge to give and take services. It is a freelance marketplace where anybody can advertise and anybody can avail of services. These can be small services or even microservices.

Fiverr is better referred to as an online outsourcing portal that helps clients find potential employees and vice versa.

How does it work?

Fiverr works in a pretty straightforward fashion. There are two options that are available with one being for the customers and the other one being for the clients. Each service on Fiverr is known as a gig. The customers have the chance to showcase their skills and advertise their gigs and the clients can view these and employ them. Once the client contacts the service provider and the work is discussed, the latter gets a time limit within which they should prepare and submit the work. Once the work is submitted and marked as completed, they are paid their due.

Can anyone get started with it?

Fiverr is a vast marketplace and encourages all types of people to use it. You can access it from any part of the world and have any sort of skill set to start with it. Right from students to working professionals and housewives, just about anyone can get started with Fiverr and provide their services to a sea of clients.

Freelancers work from a variety of workplaces, ranging from home to office. The platform is global, with freelancers and businesses spanning an estimated 160 countries. Fiverr went public in 2019. Today it is a multi-billion-dollar global marketplace.

It is quite easy to register and get started with Fiverr so anyone can get started with it right away. Similarly, clients looking for a diverse range of work can get started with Fiverr. There is no restriction on who can and cannot start with Fiverr. We will look at this aspect in detail in a while.