Hackers in Uganda

Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. The most fundamental meaning of hacking is gaining unauthorized access to data in a system or computer.

Hacking is exploiting security controls either in a technical, physical or a human-based element. Kevin Mitnick , the person who is consistently engaging in hacking activities, and has accepted hacking as a lifestyle and philosophy of their choice, is called a hacker.

Computer hacking is the most popular form of hacking nowadays, especially in the field of computer security. The mass attention given to black hat hackers from the media cause the whole hacking term is often mistaken for any security related cyber crime. However, the word “hacking” has two definitions. The first definition refers to the hobby/profession of working with computers.

The second definition refers to modifies computer hardware or software in a way that changes the creator’s original intent. It is the art of exploiting computers to get access to otherwise unauthorized information. Now that the world is using IT systems to gather, store and manipulate important information there is also a need to make sure that data is secure.

However, no system is without is problems. Holes are often present security systems which, if exploited, allow hackers to gain access to this otherwise restricted information.

In this guide, I am going to teach you a lot of valuable information about hacking such as:

  • -What hacking is and what hacking isn’t.
  • -Hacking terminology and hacker culture.
  • -Types of attacks and the most famous hacks of all time.
  • -Ethical considerations and fair warnings about becoming a hacker.
  • -Fundamental concepts that will serve as a foundation to build hacking skills.
  • -How to install Linux operating systems using VMWare to setup hacking tools.
  • -Step-by-step guides for ping sweeps and port scanning.
  • -How to map network topologies and perform reconnaissance techniques.
  • -How to use advanced software to find security holes.

What it Takes to Become a Good Hacker

One of the reasons some hackers become so successful is because they have a passion for what they are doing. Their personality drives them to tackle
extremely difficult challenges, which is why some hackers break systems just to see if they can.

If you are going to want to become a prolific hacker, it takes the same two things as any other skill you want to build: time and practice. If you can’t figure something out in the first two minutes, don’t give up. Some of the pros will spend weeks or even months planning and executing their attacks. And once you get the basics under your belt, you’re going to be able to implement these techniques in a matter of minutes.

Arguably, I would say the hardest part for a newbie is getting their environment setup. Past that, things start to get easier and you can really start to sink your teeth into how the technology works. Before we get to the juicy details, we should begin with an overview of hacking so you understand some rudimentary concepts and perceptions about hacking.

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